Collaborative Divorce is a healthy way to divorce – the foundation of which is a desire on the part of a couple to approach their divorce (or legal separation) with an eye towards responsibly and respectfully resolving the unique issues that accompany their dissolution plans with the cost-effective guidance of skilled neutral professionals.

Relying on her remarkably resourceful background, Brooks Baldwin has established a distinctively unique law practice focusing not only on positive legal outcomes but also on the overall well-being of her clients as they progress through the divorce process and move beyond it. 

The Collaborative Divorce Process wholly aligns with Brooks’ holistic approach to conflict resolution, client care, transformative opportunities, and healthy divorce outcomes benefitting clients, their families, and their communities.

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What Is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce (or Legal Separation) is a voluntary process in which divorcing or separating spouses and their attorneys agree in advance to not go to court and instead commit to working together as a team - collaboratively and in good faith – so the spouses can reach a mutually agreeable settlement.

How it works

  1. Each spouse/partner hires their own collaboratively credentialed* attorney to represent them in the collaborative divorce process. The attorneys and spouses/partners form a “team” (negating the concept of “opposing counsel”) and all will sign a collaborative participation agreement that explains the Collaborative Divorce Process and lays out the ground rules that define the entire process.
  2. *In Collaborative Divorce cases, the attorneys and neutral professionals must be collaboratively credentialed with specialized training in Collaborative Law and possess their professional mediation certification. 

  3. In addition to the spouses and attorneys, the “Collaborative Team” often includes a neutral Certified Divorce Financial Advisor and Family Systems Coach. The Team is focused on learning about the spouses’ individual goals and gathering relevant information (finances, parenting styles, communication issues, etc.) from them, educating and advising them about options, and helping them to discover creative solutions that lead to a final agreement - one which maximizes their resources. This collaborative team effort provides the healthiest approach to restructuring the family without damaging or dismantling it, and a meaningful and durable outcome designed to prevent future conflict or court intervention.
  4. The cornerstones of Collaborative divorce require the spouses to:
    • Be fully transparent with all information that is available to them concerning their finances and children. 
    • Agree to work together with their attorneys and neutral professionals to reach a mutually agreeable settlement that meets both of their most important needs, goals, and concerns to the greatest extent possible. 
    • Commit to working together in good faith and not threaten to go to court.
  5. In the unlikely event that the spouses are unable to resolve their case within the Collaborative divorce process, a professional disqualification clause in the Participation Agreement requires all Collaborative divorce team professionals be disqualified from further representation of the spouses, and all information gathered during the Collaborative process be precluded from use in future litigation unless agreed to by both spouses. 

  6. During the process, the team will gather for a series of 2-hour Joint Team Meetings where information gathered and synthesized between meetings will be reviewed and analyzed by all, and the professionals provide the spouses with guidance and creative options eventually leading to a mutually agreeable outcome.
  7. Once the mutually agreeable settlement has been reached, the attorneys will draft and process the legal documents with the court, often fully eliminating the need for the spouses to appear in court, ever.

The Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

  • Resolution of legal disputes without litigation attorneys, judges, or court personnel making decisions for spouses.
  • The full support of a highly trained Team of Collaborative attorneys, financial professionals, and mental health specialists, who educate, support, and guide spouses toward reaching balanced, respectful, creative, and distinctly durable settlement agreements.
  • Cost-effective and healthy approach towards resolving all matters related to divorce.
  • Each case receives customized attention from credentialed Collaborative professionals resulting in highly customized Collaborative divorce solutions.
  • A safe, private, and predictable environment in which conflict is managed and mitigated reducing its impact on the spouses, their children, and their futures. 
  • Preserves relationships so that spouses can productively work together to co-parent their children in a healthy manner.
  • Less emotional turmoil throughout the process allows participants to remain productive, present, and positive at work, at home, and in their community.

Brooks founded Baldwin Collaborative Law based on her own extensive legal experience, combined with over a decade of experience working in the health and wellness industry. As an attorney, Brooks understands that while her astute understanding of the law is a necessary beginning, the best interests of the client often require a holistic approach that keeps psychological well-being a top priority. Collaborative divorce is a valuable way of protecting her clients’ future on both legal and personal levels.

Call Baldwin Collaborative Law today at (206) 307-2472 or contact us online to set up a consultation.

Our Client Testimonials

  • “I found that Brooks personal experiences and her years of working with others have given her an incredible ability to relate in a genuine and thoughtful way. I am truly grateful for her support, patience and understanding.”

    - Chad

  • “She knows her stuff! She worked very hard to help me meet a tight filing deadline, which kept the costs down.”

    - Kathy

  • “Brooks was so attentive and understanding of my situation.”

    - Wendy


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